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Teaching A Struggling Reader: One Mom's Experience With Dyslexia/ A Dyslexic Learner

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There are a lot of children (and adults) who struggle with reading. Some are helped by their schools, some are not.

In this FREE short booklet, Pamela Brookes shares some of the basic information she wishes she’d had when she was first trying to figure out how to help her child learn to read. 

Teaching A Struggling Reader is filled with links to informational and product resources for parents or teachers. It is geared to people who want to educate themselves in the methods that are effective in teaching those with a dyslexic learning style. It also contains photos demonstrating basic techniques like “Tapping” (using one’s fingers to aid in sounding out words) and “Making your bed” to differentiate between “b” and “d.”

The focus of this book is the reading process. However, since many dyslexic readers also struggle with math, there is a brief description of how the dyslexic brain comes to understand math. There is also a link to a blog b…

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